Swensen's Story

“Ice cream is my life.”

From the likes of ice cream in tar. An American named Mr. Earle Swensen's when he found a large ice cream maker in a boat. He was stationed in 1942 and spent his free time inventing ice cream flavors. Distribute friends Until the discharge. Then he opened "Swensen's Ice Cream" at the corner of Union and Hyde. In the city of san francisco California in 1948.

Swensen's Named Ice Cream Sundae from the inspiration of the key highlights. In the city of San Francisco such as Coit tower, Ther Fire House and Earth Quake, 60 years later, Earth Quake menu has become an ice cream menu. It is famous and is known for a long time.

Swensen's has expanded its branches all over the world. In Thailand, there are more than 280 branches nationwide, and they are committed to creating new ice cream menus. Earle Swensen continues to dream.